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Sankofa Realty: Your Property Management Partner

Updated: May 2

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Discover expert Inland Empire property management services with Sankofa Realty. Resident screening, maintenance, rent collection, and more. Contact us now!

Owning rental properties in the Inland Empire can be rewarding and demanding at the same time. That's why we offer comprehensive property management services to ease your burden. Our experienced team handles everything. The services vary from marketing and resident screening to maintenance and accounting. We're dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients and providing reliable and responsive service. The goal is to simplify your investment experience and maximize your returns. Let Sankofa Realty be your trusted partner in residential property management. We manage properties in various cities across the Inland Empire, including Riverside, Ontario, Moreno Valley, and Temecula. You don’t have to worry about the best property management services in the Inland Empire now because the answer is Sankofa Realty!

Services Offered by Sankofa Realty

Sankofa Realty offers a comprehensive package of residential property management services to ease the burden of owning rental properties. Here’s a closer look at our offerings:

Property Marketing and Resident Screening

Sankofa Realty utilizes proven marketing strategies to attract high-quality residents for your property. We handle the entire leasing process, including advertising the property, conducting thorough resident screenings, and managing lease signing.

Rent Collection and Eviction Prevention

Collecting rent has never been easier! Sankofa Realty has an effective system for collecting rent on time. We maintain clear communication with residents and have experience dealing with late payments.

Maintenance and Repairs

Sankofa Realty has a trusted network of qualified vendors for your property's maintenance. We handle scheduling repairs, ensure quality work, and keep you updated every step of the way.

Financial Reporting and Accounting

With Sankofa Realty, you can look forward to comprehensive financial reports explaining your property's income and expenses. We take care of all accounting responsibilities, such as rent collection, bill payments, and year-end tax preparation.

Move-In/Move-Out Inspections

Sankofa Realty carefully inspects properties before and after residents move in. This helps document the condition and hold residents responsible for any damages. The process ensures fair treatment for all parties.

Professional Photography

Would you like your rental listing to go to the next level? Your listings will get lots of attention with stunning photography, immersive 3D tours, captivating videos, and aerial drone shots. Our expert team showcases your property's unique features with precision and flair, ensuring it stands out and gets rented fast.

Electronic Checks and Statements

Investors deserve streamlined financial transactions and recordkeeping.   The management team here at Sankofa Realty, prioritizes transparency and efficiency. That's why we provide monthly owner statements that offer a clear breakdown of income, expenses, and any relevant updates regarding your property. These statements are delivered directly to your Owners Portal, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date on your investment's performance without any hassle. With Sankofa Realty, managing your property has never been easier.

Sankofa Realty sets itself apart from competitors by using advanced technology for property management. We offer an easy-to-use online platform that gives investors instant access to property details, financial data, and maintenance requests. Moreover, Sankofa Realty focuses on providing personalized communication. We ensure that both owners and residents stay well-informed during the tenancy.

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Benefits of Using Sankofa Realty

There are numerous advantages to partnering with Sankofa Realty for your residential property management needs. Here are some of the key benefits:

Peace of Mind for Property Owners

Entrusting Sankofa Realty with prope­rty management tasks allows owners to have peace of mind, knowing their investment is well taken care of. This frees investors to go live their best lives, as Sankofa Realty handles everything.

Increased Rental Income and Property Value

Let's face it, when you acquired your rentals, you expected your investments to grow. Sankofa Realty's resident screening and rent collection expertise helps maximize your rental income. Additionally, their focus on preventative maintenance helps preserve the condition of your property. 

Reduced Vacancy Rates

Sankofa Realty's strategic marketing approaches and thorough resident evaluations help reduce vacancies. It ensures reliable rental earnings for property owners. Our efficient processes maintain a consistent flow of rental income for clients.

Less Time and Stress Managing the Property

We offer comprehensive property management services, allowing owners to save time and minimize the stress of overseeing rental properties. The company handles all aspects of property management on the owner's behalf.

Improved Living Experience for Residents

Sankofa Realty is dedicated to providing residents with a satisfying living environment. We promptly address maintenance and repair needs. We respond swiftly to resident queries and foster a sense of community in the properties they oversee.

Why Choose Sankofa Realty? 

Several factors make Sankofa Realty the ideal choice for your residential property management needs:

Experience and Expertise in the Inland Empire Market

Sankofa Realty has a strong grasp of the Inland Empire real estate landscape. We closely monitor current trends, rental prices, and local guidelines to deliver top-notch service to our clients.

Strong Relationships with Clients

The Sankofa family focuses on fostering solid relationships with property owners and residents. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer care and guaranteeing that our clients’ requirements are consistently satisfied.

Commitment to Exceptional Service

We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. As we are available 24/7, we communicate clearly. Along with that, we are always responsive to client inquiries.

Sankofa Realty offers competitive pricing for its residential property management services. Our fee structure is transparent, so you'll always know exactly what you're paying for.

Sankofa Realty offers the following packages.

Investor Benefit Silver Package: The Fundamentals at 7%

Sankofa Realty's Silver Package is the introductory package. It is designed for investors who are looking for essential management services at a competitive cost. You can expect residential property management at 7% of the monthly rent plus a one-time leasing fee of $1,095. It includes: 

  • Efficient rent collection, ensuring timely payments.

  • Monthly financial statements for clear, concise accounting.

  • The convenience of a 1099 tax statement for easier tax preparation.

  • Installation of "For Rent" signs, tapping into local foot traffic.

  • Strategic internet advertising to reach a broader audience.

  • Professional photos to present the property in its best light.

Investor Benefit Gold Package: Enhanced Services at 8%

Moving up the scale, the Gold Package is priced at 8% of the monthly rental income, with a slightly lower leasing fee of $995. This package is for investors looking for more comprehensive services. It has all Silver services, plus:

  • Round-the-clock repair call handling, reassuring residents that their needs will be met anytime.

  • Referral fees to agents, incentivizing a faster leasing process through professional networks.

Investor Benefit Platinum Package: Premium Offering at 9%

This premium option has all the services for 9% of the monthly rent and a leasing fee of $895. It's the ideal choice for property owners who desire an entirely hands-off investment experience

  • All-encompassing management of repairs, sparing investors the task of coordinating maintenance.

  • Assurance that all aspects of property management are handled with the utmost professionalism.

Sankofa Realty's Team

Sankofa Realty comprises a team of experienced and qualified property management professionals. Our team is passionate about the real estate industry and dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients. The team at Sankofa Realty has a proven track record of success in helping property owners achieve their investment goals.

Sankofa Realty is a reliable partner for managing properties in the Inland Empire. We provide a wide range of services to make owning rental properties more accessible. With our experience, expertise, and dedication to excellent service, Sankofa Realty can help you reach your investment goals and ensure a positive experience for your residents.

For a free consultation and to learn more about how Sankofa Realty is the best property management services in the Inland Empire and can help you manage your property, contact us today at tel:951-519-3471 or contact here! 

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